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Author name: 
Dr David Maitland
The organic compound Sulfanilamide is one of the first powerful antibiotics helping to reduce mortality in wounded soldiers during WWII. Here the compound is crystallised into a thin film to reveal its beautiful crystal structure when viewed under polarized light. Personally, this picture takes me back to fond hikes through the Scottish highlands…..
Equipment used: 
Canon 5DmkII, Olympus BX51 Microscope, 2.5x PlanApo objective, Polarized light.

Awarded "Runner up" in the Spot on Micro Competition 2015

Jury’s comment: This intriguing image is perhaps most akin to a piece of fine art due to the painterly abstract layers which evoke a mountainous, rugged landscape. It has a particularly poignant meaning as it is of one of the first powerful antibiotics which helped to reduce mortality in wounded soldiers during WWII.


Full size image: Antibiotic