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Sponge spicules

Author name: 
Spike Walker
Arranged sponge spicules and sea-cucumber plates. Variable Asymmetrical Contrast (VAC) using blue-yellow bicolour polarizer. Stitch of 33 images. Horizontal Field Width = 800um.
Equipment used: 
Zeiss Ultraphot 3 with X6.3/0.16 plan objective

Awarded Third Prize in Spot on Micro Competition 2015

Jury comments:

This vibrant glowing image of sponge spicules and sea-cucumber plates contains a dancing composition of intriguing shapes and forms, some which appear liquid and some solid. The images have been skilfully collaged and layered together into one image and show the range of wonderful forms which exist.

Sponge spicules

Full size image: Sponge spicules