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New technological tools have allowed us to “see” into a new world, which would have been completely inconceivable a century ago. These instruments have presented us with the privilege of having “windows” into the micro- and nano-worlds. Electronic and optical microscopes, atomic force microscopes, etc. all provide a new insight into the universe that should be shared. After all, science is a pillar of our society and these are objects of artistic beauty that also deserve appreciation as such.

Spot On Micro – Image Contest aims to create a space where professionals and amateurs can share their images of this fascinating world for the enjoyment of everyone.

First priza: "Acanthocystis" by Steve Gschmeissner"Acanthocystis" by Steve Gschmeissner

Second prize: "Fruit Bat Tongue", by Kevin Mackenzie

Third prize: "Sponge spicules", by Spike Walker

Peoples' Choice Award: "Vitamin C crystals", by Kevin MacKenzie

Runner up: "Antibiotic", by David Maitland

Runner up: "Replica of human skin with perspiration/vapour entrapments", by Paul Gunning

Runner up: "Radula of Periwinkle", by Spike Walker

Runner up: "Ovarian Cancer", by Steve Gschmeissner


An online gallery of all submissions is also available.