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New technological tools have allowed us to “see” into a new world, which would have been completely inconceivable a century ago. These instruments have presented us with the privilege of having “windows” into the micro- and nano-worlds. Electronic and optical microscopes, atomic force microscopes, etc. all provide a new insight into the universe that should be shared. After all, science is a pillar of our society and these are objects of artistic beauty that also deserve appreciation as such.

Spot On Micro – Image Contest aims to create a space where professionals and amateurs can share their images of this fascinating world for the enjoyment of everyone.

The competition winners were announced at Illuminations, the closing ceromony of the Year of Light, held at Heriot-Watt University on 2 December 2015.

First prize: "Acanthocystis" by Steve Gschmeissner

Second prize: "Fruit Bat Tongue", by Kevin Mackenzie

Third prize: "Sponge spicules", by Spike Walker

Peoples' Choice Award: "Vitamin C crystals", by Kevin MacKenzie

Runner up: "Antibiotic", by David Maitland

Runner up: "Replica of human skin with perspiration/vapour entrapments", by Paul Gunning

Runner up: "Radula of Periwinkle", by Spike Walker

Runner up: "Ovarian Cancer", by Steve Gschmeissner


An online gallery of all submissions is also available.